Eye-catching Carpet Trends for Your Living Room Space

If we look back a bit, we might remember that the only carpet trend we ever knew was a rug, at the side of our bed. But over the past few years, we have seen them evolve largely. The design approach towards them has changed and for the good only. Carpet Fitters Preston has made a comeback and if you place them in the right manner, in your living room; you will be setting up a beautiful space.

The world of interior design has changed massively in the past few years. From bold interiors to minimalist interior approaches; homes have experienced a lot. They have become cozier, welcoming, and warmer than ever.

Likewise, carpets have gained the ability to make your spaces look regal and luxurious. From different materials to a wide range of designs and styles; carpets can add a lot of aesthetics to almost any space in your home.

But before you give a call to carpet fitters Preston expert; here are some trends that you must know about.

Carpet Trends to Follow:

If you are planning to get carpets for your living room, then don’t just run out of your home to grab one. There is such an incredible variety available in the market that it might leave you confused. Thus, choosing the right ones is very important.

The carpet comeback is not a simpler one. Here are some of the best trends that you must follow if adding carpets to your living rooms.

Natural Materials:

Natural material carpets are rending a lot lately. Materials like seagrass and jute are redefining versatility. Jute carpets can be added to your living room, from wall to wall, for an extremely chic look. It looks similar to a hardwood floor.

Thus, without disrupting the minimalism of your space, it allows you to add style and statement. But always choose wall-to-wall carpets carefully. They do look stunning but if you make the wrong choice, your investment can go to waste. And mind you, carpets aren’t cheap.

Combination of Finishes:

Although a lot of bold colors have hopped onto the carpet market. What really stands out is the combination of finishes in carpets, with subtle colors. For instance, a flat woven carpet with texture only in the design areas makes a carpet look very unique.

It is nothing less than elegance. You can try adding such carpets in the middle of your living room or in your bedroom too. They enhance the outlook of your space incredibly.

Let the Carpet Set the Color Scheme:

We usually set the color scheme first and then plan the furniture, but you can always go the other way around to experiment a bit. Interior designers suggest that letting the floor decide the color scheme is a great way to create something different and it does make things easier too. You can choose a two-colored carpet and add things according to its color palette. It can definitely give you a lot of room to be creative.

Plush Carpets:

Can we ever get bored of plush carpets? No, we cannot. Plush carpets have made their way into bedrooms, living rooms, and lofts because they look extremely chic and luxurious. The feeling of a soft plush carpet under your feet is definitely worth it. But add it to the arm of your sofa or your chair and let it be the statement piece of the room.

Earthy Tones:

Earthy tones never go out of style. They are a neutral choice for everyone and are best for people who want a minimal look. Earth tone carpets add a very warm vibe to your living room. You can obviously choose deeper shades of earthy tones too and feel more optimistic and grounded. Yes, colors do have an impact on your overall mood. Hus, choose wisely.


Whether you choose a Modern Tartan Carpet or a plush one to add to your living room; make sure you buy them from a trusted source. Choose the colors wisely and set the mood right. You must certify that when everything is put together, your living room looks nothing but absolutely eye-catching. Thus, plan and then execute.