Ifvod Is The Best Chinese Streaming Aapplication

What Is This Platform About?

Ifvod is basically an online platform that gives access to a huge variety of Television shows as well as movies. Most titles which are premiered in the cinema are uploaded onto their platform within an hour. There is mostly Chinese content uploaded on their platform. However, their content also has English subtitles hence making it easier to watch for other users. Specifically for users who don’t have Chinese as their native language. Ifvod’s application is available on almost all platforms like Android and iOS. Their application is one of the top listed applications on google play store. The application is also available on the Apple store.

 Are Their Services Free?

The Ifvod TV allows its users to opt for trials and watch some content for free. However, all of their content requires a proper subscription. Users can also buy a single day ticket for watching all the content they desire. However, this ticket only lasts up to 24 hours which is very less according to the huge variety of content available on the website. Ifvod also offers its users to buy a ticket for just one movie or get a subscription for the whole. Their platform is very similar to Netflix except that their content is totally Chinese. 

Users who have low bandwidth or don’t have any internet access can download content from the website. Then they can download their favorite content when they get internet access. The downloaded content is downloaded with English subtitles to make it easier to understand. Users can pay their charges through PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. These options are now mostly available worldwide hence making a smoother billing experience.

Application on TV Box

TV Boxes are now sold with internet connections. By using a TV Box, the user can watch channels in high resolutions and without any glitches. This is because all the signals are streamed directly from an online service. However, to view the Ifvod application on TV is a very easy process. If the user owns a Smart TV which has android. They can easily download and install the application. However, if the user owns a TV Box the process is a little different. 

Most TV Boxes are based on android hence they do have a Google Play Store. Hence, users can easily visit the Google Play Store and search up Ifvod in the search bar. They should then press the download button. The application will be automatically installed on the android TV Box. However, the application’s icon may not appear directly on the home screen. However, users can easily locate the icon by opening the applications menu.

Preferring Their Platform More Over Others

Ifvod has many features which makes it unique from other platforms. There are around 1 million movies and dramas uploaded on the platform. These 1 million movies are totally free to watch. They don’t even require any kind of registration or subscription charges. However, there is also exclusive content available on the website for which the users are required to pay some charges. 

Users can use a single account on many devices. This is just like Netflix which around 5 users can watch on a single screen. The free content is unlimited to watch. Their website is available 24/7 hence the users can watch movies and drama anytime during the day or night. Their content is also equipped with subtitles hence providing a smooth experience for those who are not Chinese.

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