Xavier Musk The New Elon Musk And His Family Concerns

Personal Life and An Introvert Child

Xavier Musk known to be very introvert child. He is more of a career-oriented person. Xavier believes that subjects like dating are irrelevant to him. He does not even have a girlfriend up to now. This shows the level of focus he has on his career. Unlike His father who married twice of thrice and then learnt his lesson. It seems that Xavier is introverted due to his family background. This because his mother got a divorce from Elon. This because his mother, Justine Wilson felt she treated as an employee with Elon.

In some interviews, Justine stated she treated more as an employee rather than a wife. These are one of the sole reasons of Xavier Musk being so silent. This also why Xavier so focus on his career and future life. To prevent more controversies, He doesn’t have any profile on any social media accounts.

Family Concerns and Xavier Musk syndromes

His mother’s name is Justine Wilson. His father’s name is Elon Musk. Xavier even had a twin brother whose name was Nevada Alexander Musk. However, Nevada is no more with us. Nevada died within ten weeks of his birth. This was mainly because he experienced sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS also known as cot death. It totally unexplained and does not have a reason for death.

This syndrome is very common in the United Kingdom. Around 200 babies die suddenly due to SIDS. Like Elon’s rare knowledge SIDS is also very rare. The risk of death is very low. However, Nevada could barely survive and soon died. Xavier Musk did survive his birth and is still nourishing and growing. Xavier born by natural birth without any additive involved. Later, his siblings were also born. His siblings are Griffin Musk, Saxon Musk, Kai Musk, Damian Musk, and Kyle Musk. He also a supportive step-sister who named Exa Dark Siderl. She was born in December 2023.

Education and his Career

Xavier Musk father Elon is very focused and worried about his son’s education. Xavier attends the famous Ad Astra School. This school is totally funded by his father Elon Musk. Ad Astra was basically an experimental school based in California. It is based on the SpaceX campus. Hence, this makes it easy for Xavier and his brother to attend school. Something special about the Ad Astra School is that there are no grades.

This helps to improve efficiency in kids like Xavier Musk. This is because students tend to get motivated due to bad grades. Although, they experience the taste of failure but still they lose hope. This is not good as students already have a weak emotional and immune system. If students face emotional failures, they may experience sudden ups and downs in their immunity as well.

Body and Religion Statistics

Xavier Musk recently turned 18. The age of 18 is considered to be a very sensitive age. This is because kids tend to take their own decisions in this age. They tend to move towards a more independent life. Xavier was born in USA (United States of America). Hence, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity. He tends to follow the religion of Jesus formerly known as Christianity. His mother Justine Wilson is still alive but lives in a separate house. He is known to have an Aries Zodiac Sign.

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