Ifvod does offer its user free content. Users can easily watch content on their website or android application unlimited and at any time. However, this does come at a small cost. The Ifvodmedia Disclaimer states that their application and website does collect user’s personal data. However, According to Ifvodmedia Disclaimer clarify that all the data collected limited the user themselves.

 This means that they only use the data which is provided by themselves on their platform. Ifvod also claims to sell the user’s data to trusted third party agencies. These agencies make use of this data by collecting them in a single directory. This directory linked with other directories created by different countries. These companies then hired to send promotion or reminder messages to users. Famous Brands like Walmart, etc. make use of this data to send promotional offers and pop-up notifications.

Integrating Ifvodmedia Data

The Ifvodmedia Disclaimer states that the user’s data not used unnecessarily. Third party agencies synchronize and filters out this data by applying specific algorithms. Some algorithms used to eliminate unnecessary repetition in data. However, some algorithms also state to mix and match the provided data with other directories. This done to make the data more accurate and adequate.

The Ifvodmedia Disclaimer also states that until the data not accurate it not used. This means that users won’t receive unnecessary messages from third party companies. According to Ifvodmedia Disclaimer they try to keep the user on the safer side. However, that too is till a certain extent. This means that in a rare case the user might receive a spam message. Ifvod tries to keep their user’s data on the top most priority. This so that the data remains confidential and hidden. Some agencies even try to sell off the data to hacking companies.

What if my data sold to an illegal company?

Data being sold to an illegal company very rare currently. This is because most illegal companies’ surface on the dark web. However, according to Ifvodmedia Disclaimer they try not to sell the data to unknown companies. This is because some illegal companies hide agents to buy data from companies like Ifvod. However, Ifvod tries to prevent this by using a strict verification method. The Ifvodmedia Disclaimer states that they have a complex and strict algorithm to verify third party companies.

Hacking companies tend to use the data for illegal means

Some hacking companies tend to use the data for illegal means. One of the most common techniques known as phishing. Phishing works by sending a bogus email to a user. Most users are not aware whether the email is fake or real. This can determined by taking a strict look at the sender’s email. This because most emails be duplicated on platforms like Gmail. However, modernly most platforms have webmail’s which are based on their brand name. This means that the user can straight away detect whether the sender is bogus or real. This easily be determined by taking a look at the sender’s name or the website domain used.

Use of Cookies

The Ifvodmedia Disclaimer states that their website does make use of cookies. This mostly done to provide a smoother and fluid experience. Cookies help the website’s artificial intelligence to workout the user’s recommended content. This helps to determine what the user would like to see on the homepage. Cookies also makes the website remember the user when they sign in. This means that whenever, the user signs in the next time they be required to sign in again. All the hassle of opening the login page avoided by making use of cookies. This can be easily enabled by checking the remember me option.