General Terms and Conditions of ifvodmedia

Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions then they should be implied upon by the users. Vod stands for Video on demand. The users agree to the website’s terms and conditions when they start using it. Ifvod states that their website is totally an online information service. Their website mainly acts as a portfolio of their group. The Ifvod group is an independent group which is not affiliated with any other company. Hence, Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions are mentioned somewhere they imply only their group. Even if their name is mentioned in another website, they are mostly not likely to affiliate with that party. However, even ifvod Group engages in affiliations they would clearly state this on their website.

Copyright And Reserved Trademarks

Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions are stated, they also apply on any reserved copyrights or trademarks. All contents of their website and production are protected under copyright licenses. Use of Ifvod’s content without their consent may result in punishable offenses through legal means. Nobody owns any rights to the content published on their website.

Although their website is mainly a portfolio but still Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions state no copying it means it also implies on their portfolio. There are many case studies published on Ifvod’s website. All of these case studies are protected under international copyright licenses and trademark laws. Even if a user comments on their website they are still prone to imply upon Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions.

A Message from the website’s admins

The admins of the website state that their users consent that the admins are not trained professionals. Hence, they do not promote or give any kind of professional advice. Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions state that their users use the website for personal use they mean it. If these Terms and Conditions are void there will be punishable offenses against the respective user.

The administration team also states that the comments section is only for the user’s profit. However, the comment section should be kept clear of spamming. Spamming includes commenting on repeated phrases, commenting on commercial emails, mentioning other websites or sources, etc. If these types of acts are done without consent of the opposing party. The opposing party has full rights to take legal actions against the user. Legal actions may involve the court or even the Interpol. Interpol would only be involved in case the user is foreign.

Viruses and Data Privacy on the website

Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions state that their website guarantees privacy of data they imply upon that too. This is done by being verified with an SSL Certificate. SSL Encryption ensures encryption up to 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures no leakage of data. Ifvodmedia Terms and Conditions falsely state that they use SSL encryption users can verify this by looking at the lock sign on their address bar.

Their website guarantees that their platform is free of Trojans, Viruses and online infections. Comment section of the website is maintained 24 hours throughout the day. This is done to prevent any user from getting redirected to a bogus website. Since bogus websites are real look-alikes, users are easily convinced to enter their personal information. Their personal information may be used for illegal purposes such as creating fake identities. Strict criteria are also defined for any kind of incoming and outgoing traffic from the website.