Cameron Lautner and His Role in Different Shows

The show We Crashed has multiple characters. However, Cameron Lautner known to be the most interesting of all. The shows start as WeWork being a co-working space. He then starts funding this company. However, this messes up Neumann and his SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Cameron is still a heavy investor and a partner at WeWork. He is consideredHe considered to be one of the principal investors in this company. This is because WeWork got most of its fundings from Lautner. 

As the show proceeds, another partner Bruce calls a emergency board meeting. This scene claimed as the opening scene of the movie. The emergency meeting called to confront the WeWork CEO. Cameron and Bruce were basically colleagues. They both had heavily invested in this company and were working together.

Emphasis of Lautner in the show

Cameron Lautner joined the board of WeWork in 2012. His character known to have a smooth and fluid role play in terms of acting. Cameron Lautner character integrated with the show to promote discipline in the show. His character was basically going through a trial and test phase. However, he then earned his position and proved to be outstanding for the show. Cameron also framed as suspicious of WeWork. Later in the show Cameron brings up the issue of heavy-spending of WeWork with his colleague Bruce. The character of Cameron integrated to understand and signify the complex relationship. This was the relationship which the venture had with the company.

Cameron and his relationship status

Their relationship seemed to be very complex with the CEO as well. Cameron and Neumann had many faceoffs in the series as well. The character of Cameron Lautner is significantly based as a benchmark partner. Cameron is basically a dramatic version of real-life benchmark partners. These problems are based on real-life. This happened when some benchmark partners started questioning Neumann’s practices and dealings. Neumann mostly question in the position of CEO of WeWork.

About O-T Fagbenle

O-T Fagbenle more commonly known as Olatunde Olateju Olaolorun played the character of Cameron Lautner. Olatunde was born on 22nd January 1981. He most commonly known as a British Actor, Writer and director. Olatunde belongs to the black ethnicity. He played the role of Cameron Lautner in the series WeCrashed. 

Olatunde also known for playing the role of Luke in The Handmaid’s Tale. He also portrayed Barack Obama in The First lady. Olatunde was born in London to Tunde and Ally. However, Olatunde soon moved to Spain with his mother Ally Bedford. Olatunde first experimented with his career by getting indulged in music. He started by playing the alto saxophone and soon joined the South Coast Jazz Band. Due to his advancing music career, he soon moved to the UK (United Kingdom).

Olatunde’s Acting Career

Olatunde started his acting career in 2004. He started by acting on television. Olatunde even created and acted in famous series like Little Miss Jocelyn. Cameron Lautner then starred in two dramas for BBC. He played the role of Walter Tull in Walter’s War and even as a officer in the British Army. Olatunde soon advanced further with his career. He appeared in the second season of HBO’s Looking. Then on 16th August 2023, he joined the cast of Apple TV+ Limited Series. He played the role of Cameron in the series of WeCrashed. Olatunde is still hustling in his acting career.

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