8 Best Beaches in Cape Town

Cape Town, located on a peninsula, is surrounded by beautiful beaches. These beaches not only have lengthy stretches of white-gold sand, but they also have a stunning natural backdrop of towering mountains and cliffs. The beaches near Cape Town are without a doubt some of the greatest in South Africa, but even if the water sparkles a dazzling blue and turquoise in areas, don’t expect it to be warm.

The beaches along the Atlantic Coast, including the well-known Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches, are seldom warm since the current here originates in Antarctica. However, tourists rush to them for sunbathing, walking, or brief toe dips in the chilly sea. There is fantastic surf nearby, but you’ll need a full body wetsuit all year.

The water is slightly warmer on the False Bay side of the peninsula, and people swim and surf, but they are often still wearing full body suits. Even though these aren’t the kinds of beaches where you can spend hours lying around in the sea, they are some of the most beautiful in the world and well worth a visit. Discover more with our guide to the greatest beaches in Cape Town.

1. Best Beaches in Cape Town | Clifton

Clifton’s beaches are the most tony and stylish in Cape Town, with four extremely magnificent white-sand beaches flanked by polished granite outcrops known as the Twelve Apostles. Some of the most expensive real estate in the city overlooks these beaches, which are reached via steep sets of stairs from the main road about six kilometres from the city centre. Each is nestled in its own cove and shielded from the wind by massive boulders, making it ideal for sunbathing.

Each beach has its own distinct atmosphere and is named after the order in which they are experienced when travelling from Cape Town. If you want some peace and quiet, go to First Beach. It is frequently less congested. If you’re travelling with a dog, it’s also off-leash friendly. Under the correct conditions, this beach provides good surf and attracts bodyboarders on hot summer days.

2. Best Beaches in Cape Town | Bay of Camps

Camps Bay is competing with Clifton for the title of best beach in Cape Town. The only reason we ranked it second is because Clifton provides a little more cover from Cape Town’s notorious wind. Camps Bay, which is just around the corner from Clifton, is also a Blue Flag beach.

The beach is long and wide, and it is easy to get to; however, parking might be tough on summer weekends when it gets very popular; instead, take public transportation or an Uber to avoid having to worry about finding a parking spot. It’s right across the street from a slew of restaurants and cafés, making it convenient to get a bite to eat in between sunbathing sessions. The Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head can also be seen from Camps Bay.

South Beach Camps Bay is a great place to stay in Camps Bay. The opulent boutique hotel is one of our top picks in South Africa. Its 19 apartments, which all face the sea and have balconies or private patio areas, are inspired by the Miami art scene and feature contemporary white-on-white design. They also have completely equipped kitchens, including refrigerators that are supplied with breakfast supplies on a daily basis (included in the rate).

Other benefits of staying at South Beach include two swimming pools, an on-site gym, and complimentary bicycles. Check out the art across the property. Lionel Smit, a well-known South African artist, created it all.

3. Best Beaches in Cape Town | Bakoven’s Beta Beach

Beta Beach at Bakoven is approximately a kilometre down the road from Camps Bay and boasts calm blue oceans set against white sand – the water here is normally wave-free, but it is still on the Atlantic coastline, so anticipate it to be mind-numbingly freezing.

Locals love this beach because of the breathtaking views of Lion’s Head, and it’s frequently used for picture shoots. The sunsets at Beta Beach are also worth seeing. Most nights, the sun appears to set right into the ocean in front of you, creating a blazing tableau of shifting colours. If you want to visit different place in south africa or do different things here you can book a South Africa trip or stay in a South Africa safari lodge. Live your best life today.

4. Best Beaches in Cape Town | Llandudno

Llandudno Beach, about 20 kilometres south of Cape Town on the way to Hout Bay, is where folks travel to avoid the throng at Clifton and Camps Bay. It is a favourite for beach picnics, sunbathing, and, if you can withstand the chilly Atlantic temps, body boarding and surfing. It is located down a short windy road off the highway in a ritzy hillside enclave.

Its westerly location, like that of other Atlantic Coast beaches, means it gets stunning nightly sunsets.

Because there are no restaurants or shops nearby. You’ll need to bring everything you need for the day, including chairs, umbrellas, and refreshments. The beach itself is large and nestled in a cove with smooth sand ideal for building sandcastles. Llandudno is a popular destination for families, groups of friends, and couples. It might get packed on summer weekends, so get there early for a decent place.

5. Boulders Beach Penguins

If you like penguins, go to Boulders Beach. This beach, located around 40 kilometres south of Cape Town in the charming community of Simon’s Town on the road to the Cape Point Nature Reserve, is home to a large colony of endangered African penguins. The beach is located on the False Bay shoreline between enormous granite boulders, therefore the water is slightly warmer here if you want to swim.

The penguins are a lot of fun to watch as they strut between the dunes and the sea. Although they are adorable, keep in mind that they are wild animals, and getting too close to one for a selfie is definitely not the best idea.

6. Muizenberg Beach’s colourful beach huts

Muizenberg, one of the top surf beaches in Cape Town, lies on the False Bay side (approximately 25 kilometres from downtown), therefore the water is slightly warmer. The waves at this Blue Flag beach are very gentle and ideal for beginning surfers, and there are several firms in the town behind the beach that offer surf lessons as well as board and wetsuit rentals. Muizenberg is also popular with families, and in the summer, life guards monitor a stretch of the beach.

If you’ve ever seen images of vividly coloured huts on a South African beach, you’ve seen Muizenberg. Bathing boxes are relics from the Victorian era, when women used them to change into chin-to-ankle bathing suits in private. They are now popular for Instagram images and have appeared in a number of commercial shots.

If you want to spend the night at Muizenberg, The Muize is a family-run bed and breakfast just a short walk from the beach. The rooms are spotless and comfortable, with huge windows and wood floors. It also serves a delicious breakfast in the morning.

7.Best Beaches in Cape Town | Blouberg

Blouberg, located on the Atlantic coast about 20 kilometres north of Cape Town’s city centre. It has several beaches, including Dolphin Beach, Small Bay, and Big Bay. If you enjoy kitesurfing, Big Bay is one of the best sites in the world for the sport. Every year, the beach hosts an international kitesurfing tournament.

Small Bay is the place to go if you want to avoid crowds. It is popular with families, and children will enjoy building sandcastles in the soft sand.

This area is also ideal for photographing one of Cape Town’s most recognised sites, Table Mountain. The city is built around a 6,000-foot-high table-shaped mountain in the centre, and the view from Blouberg is unimpeded. The west coast location is also ideal for photographing the sun setting into the water.

8. Beach at Hout Bay

Hout Bay is a Cape Town suburb best reached by driving the breathtaking Chapman’s Peak Drive. The 7.2-kilometer route between Hout Bay and Noordhoek travels along the Atlantic coastline and is one of the most beautiful ocean-facing drives on the planet; if the scenery appears familiar, you’ve undoubtedly seen it in a car commercial.

The beach is about a kilometre long and bordered by sand dunes. It is located between the cliffs of Chapman’s Peak and the Hout Bay Harbour. The beach is rather large in places and is divided in the centre by a tiny river that is easily crossed. Hout Bay Beach is popular with families and dog owners. There is a stable nearby, and you will frequently see people riding horses down the shore.

After a day of playing in the sand, you may eat at one of the restaurants in Hout Bay before returning to Cape Town. One popular eating choice is The Lookout Hout Bay. Check into The Hout Bay Hideaway if you want to spend the night. The bed & breakfast features four well-appointed rooms that front the sea. There is an outdoor pool, and breakfast and parking are complimentary.

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