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Good Girl Perfume is Best Budget Perfume

The Good Girl Perfume is known for its soft and long-lasting fragrance. Many buyers report the attractiveness of this perfume. There are around a total of three notes in this single perfume. These three notes are labeled as Top Notes, Middle Notes, and base notes. All of these notes have their unique elements integrated into them.

Brief Description of this distinct Perfume

This Good Girl Perfume is based on Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. Both of these perfumes have the exact distinctive and outstanding fragrance. This Perfume dossier is a perfect budget perfume for replicating a luxurious fragrance. It costs around $29 and is sold in a decent quantity. Many users report that this perfume is a perfect go-to for their everyday life. This means its fragrance is very soft and pleasant, unlike other fragrances. Usually, other perfumes are very concentrated due to which they give out a very sharp and harmful fragrance.

Specifications and its outstanding fragrance

Good Girl Perfume dossier. co is listed in the category of Eau de Parfum. On the dossier, it is sold in a bottle of 50 milliliters or 1.7 ounces. The Good Girl Perfume has around 3 notes integrated into it. The Top Notes have elements of Almond and Peach. Its Middle Notes have elements of Orris, Orange Blossom, and Tuberose integrated into it. Last but not least the Base Notes have scents of Tonka Bean, Vanilla, and Cocoa. All these notes combine up to give out a very soft and sweet smell.

However, this sweet smell is not like other fragrances. Other fragrances which are specified to be sweet have a sharp candy smell. This makes them not pleasant to smell. All these notes are given out in chronological order. This means that first the Top Notes are released and then it goes on until the Base Notes. There is no such information mentioned on the Good Girl Perfume website about this perfume being long-lasting. However, according to many customer reviews, they state that it can easily last up to 24 hours. This is outstanding for a perfume that only has a concentration of 15%.

Users Reviews on Good Girl Perfume

The Good Girl Perfume has an average of 4.5 stars on the dossier’s website. All of these reviews are from real buyers who have tried and tested the product. Somebody also stated that this perfume is much better than the original thing. They continued by saying that it lasted much longer than the original Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl. The buyer even mentioned that they could not smell the original perfume after 5 hours of application. However, after applying the dossier’s perfume they could even smell it until the next day. They did criticize this perfume by asking the team to sell the perfume in larger quantities. Some users also said that they were standing out and were being asked by everybody about what they were wearing. This shows how outstanding performance this perfume has to offer.

Precautions included in the Perfume

There are many precautions already preloaded into this perfume. The Good Girl Perfume is known to have no colorant or UV (Ultra Violet) Filters. This makes it natural and organic. It also benefits buyers who are severely allergic to excessive chemicals. The manufacturers have avoided any kind of vegan product in the perfume. This is mainly to prevent any kind of animal cruelty. The perfume is also known to be Paraben and Phthalate free.

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