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10 Simple Steps to Make Your Interior Cozy

The cozy interior of your best friend catches your eye, so warm and comfortable!

You have tried turning the furniture around and adding a cushion, but you have to admit, you are not very good at decorating.

Rest assured, it is not difficult to obtain a cocooning atmosphere, whether in your living room or bedroom!

I have listed 10 simple and affordable steps to explain how to have a cozy and trendy interior!

01. Which Colors For A Cozy Style Interior?

For a living room or a cocooning bedroom, you must already establish calm and serenity in your room.

Bet on a dominant of light and neutral colors, off-white, beige and light gray are both bright and zen.

So that the atmosphere is welcoming and pleasant, bring a few touches of warm and intense colors such as terracotta or deep blue.

With paint or wallpaper on a section of the wall or through cozy decorative accessories such as curtains, rugs or a few cushions.

02. Cushions, Throws And Rugs For A Cocooning Atmosphere

A cocooning room must contain cushions, lots of cushions!

They are soft and comforting, contributing to the decoration and colorization of your cozy living room.

Also add a plaid to never run out of warmth, on the bed, armchair or sofa.

Finish with a pretty ethnic or bohemian rug to insulate the floor and provide a feeling of cocooning well-being.

Velvet, wool, fake fur are used to furnish a living room, under the sign of comfort.

03. Invite Nature With Plants Into Your Cozy Space

Creating a soothing atmosphere also means bringing nature in and taking advantage of the oxygen of indoor plants.

In addition to being depolluting, they are decorative because beyond the plant, the cache-pot or the planter can decorate your cocooning corner.

If you don’t have a green thumb, prefer cacti and succulents. Their maintenance is very easy and these plants are very trendy!

If, on the other hand, you have the soul of a gardener, dare the indoor vegetable garden. It is original and allows you to savor your 100% organic production!

Do not forget the flowers for a touch of romance. The orchid, for example, lasts a very long time without great needs.

04. Multiply Light Sources For A Soft Ambiance

The intense ceiling light that standardizes and dazzles in a large area, no thank you!

You need a more intimate and subtle setting, using ample but soft lighting.

The goal is to create a play of shadows and lights by multiplying the light sources:

  • Console Table Dubai, to accentuate the light in strategic places (decoration, plant, frame, etc.)
  • directable lamps for specific functions: reading, computer, etc.
  • sconces, floor lamps or suspensions, for general lighting of the room.
  • Identify the needs according to each room, to adapt the brightness!
  • Finally, it is impossible to miss the candles, garlands, LED frames and other luminous letters that contribute to the cocooning effect all year round!

05. Choose Wall Decorations To Your Taste

To feel good, it is important to shape an interior in its image.

Whether it’s art paintings, personal photos, macrame creations or abstract sculptures.

The style can be Scandinavian, industrial, or minimalist, but it will always be original your way!

Wall decoration is an opportunity:

  • to bring color or material, as with rattan mirrors
  • to play on a theme, with a travel decoration, for example
  • Surrounding yourself with decorative objects that you love, nothing could be more soothing!
  • Original decorations for a cozy interior
  • Dreamcatcher for a warm atmosphere 
  • Decoration in natural materials for a cozy interior
  • Braided mirror for a natural atmosphere 

06. Install Cocooning Furniture For A Cozy Interior

If the accessories and the decoration contribute a lot to the cozy effect, we can not decently count only on them!

The comfortable sofa is a must have in the cocooning living room, as cozy and soft as possible.

It can also be a relaxing daybed or a papasan chair.

The sofa bed is perhaps the ultimate in terms of cocooning to enjoy your favorite series or novel lying down!

07. Have Practical Accessories Everywhere

A cozy interior is also a well-organized place, not requiring constant comings and goings and making everyday life easier:

Large family or recurrent aperitifs with friends: prefer a small sofa accompanied by several armchairs rather than a single massive piece

You like to snack and watch the news on TV: arrange a pedestal table or a side table to place the remote control and other accessories

Addicted to decorating magazines: a designer or wall-mounted magazine rack, and your coffee table will always be tidy!

Is your bed in your living room? Place a decorative screen, which will separate these 2 spaces and organize your stay.

08. Mix Trends: Long Live Mix & Match

Avoid reproducing identically the superb decor seen at such and such a brand.

It is undoubtedly perfect, too precisely… It becomes completely impersonal, a bit like if you were living in a show house!

Instead, multiply the sources of acquisition without hurrying, hunt around at flea markets or proudly display your great-aunt’s superb vase.

It’s not about lumping everything together, but rather creating a subtle mix of what you love, evoking your soul and your story. Nothing is fixed, dare to mix styles!

09. A Clean And Organized Cozy Interior!

The mind is more serene in a healthy and tidy atmosphere, it is certainly not Marie Kondo who will tell you the opposite!

The accumulation of small objects contributes to the general overload of your home, both on display and in the cupboards.

This is an opportunity to do a great sorting to get rid of the superfluous. However, do not just throw it away.

The planet will thank you and your daily cleaning will be faster.

Refine and organize to say goodbye to stress and find zenitude in your heart of hearts…

A tidy space for a cozy interior

10. Vary The Textures For A Cozy Interior

All the senses are important for a welcoming and warm interior.

We naturally enjoy contemplating the nuances of wood or smelling the sweet scent of a mood candle…

The multiplication of textures and patterns will not only create a feeling of liveliness, but also delight the touch: first sense of comfort!

The power of a marble coffee table or the soft caning of a sideboard, just as much as thick linen curtains or the striped softness of a corduroy sofa…

You now know how to make a cozy interior so it’s up to you! Did I forget something that you think is essential? Share your tips in comments so that the whole community benefits!

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