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Bathroom Towel Care: How To Maintain The Quality And Softness Of Your Towels

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Taking care of your luxurious bath towels is essential to maintain their softness and quality. It’s easy to throw them in the washing machine for cleaning, but their lifespan and softness will not keep. So it’s essential to know proper washing procedures for them to maintain their quality.

Regular washing and cleaning make the fibers rigid and irritable, but using the proper washing temperatures, loading the washer correctly, and choosing the suitable materials can make them soft again and keep them that way. Good laundry ideas give you insight into how to take care of your bathroom towels, keep them soft, and give you a spa feel. Here are some valuable suggestions for maintaining softness after numerous washings.

Tips To Care For Towels

To keep your luxurious bath towels soft and silky for years to come, follow these additional instructions:

  • Every four to five days, you have to wash them; if you are not washing, then you expose to microorganisms, which needs to be washed away during cleaning.
  • Always store them in a bathroom rack or drawer according to your home space. Do not store towels in wet condition; dry them thoroughly, then fold and store them. If it is moist, then there is a chance to come bacterias.
  • Do not use fabric softener every time; that will reduce softness and absorbance.
  • Do not iron them; that will reduce their softness because heating makes the fibers flatten and damage them.
  • Wash them twice a week because clean towels are fluffy.

Which Towels Should You Choose?

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Choose high-quality cotton to ensure absorbency, durability, and a desirable cuddly texture. They will feel more luxurious the heavier they are. For the greatest in luxury, advise Select one that weighs at least 500gsm (grams per square meter). The yarn used, ideally one spun from long, silky strands, is the most crucial element in creating delightfully soft. This is why long fibers and excellent quality are promised by yarns like Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton, which are highly desired.

Which Materials Are Used While Washing?

  • To keep them soft, avoid adding too much detergent to the wash, which could result in incomplete removal of the detergent during the rinse cycle. Reduce your detergent use. Use detergent with a eucalyptus base to keep towels bouncy. Eucalyptus protects the fibers and guarantees that the colors stay vibrant and fresh, smelling incredibly fresh.
  • Use a limited quantity of fabric softener if you use it, but excessive use of these products will cause it to become slippery and non-absorbent over time.
  • If your towels become scratchy or rigid, use half a cup of white vinegar in your next wash; it will give you a soft texture.

Washing Tips For New Towels

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Always wash new towels before using them. It is necessary to wash them to remove the silicon coating from them, which is applied during manufacturing and will reduce its absorbency. To set the color on the new ones, it is necessary to wash them in warm water for few times. Use only half the amount of laundry detergent for better results.

Using half a cup of white vinegar gives good results. Your new towels will become soft, fluffy, and ready to use after adding the vinegar to the laundry detergent. This will set the colors and get rid of any detergent accumulation.

How Can Towels Be Refreshed In The Washing Machine?

Sometimes they have a terrible smell, so it is time to refresh them in the washing machine. Don’t  use any detergent or bleach in the wash cycle; let them complete it. Add half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the washing cycle. After completing the wash cycle, put them into the dryer. If it still smells bad, then this time, use half a cup of baking soda and repeat the same cycle. After completion, dry them and use them as per your need.

Washing Tips

Dirty towels should be cleaned and washed separately; they are not loaded with other clothes in the washing machine. Fibers get damaged and not adequately cleaned if they are loaded with other garments. Here are some instructions for washing your fine towels and advice to ensure that they stay long as it is.

  • Wash light and dark towels separately. If they both get washed together, light color may get the dye of dark color, resulting in discoloration.
  • Avoid overloading the washing machine when adding towels. Additionally, ensure the load is balanced, especially when using top-loading machines with an agitator. A conventional top-loading washer can accommodate about ten, while a front-loader can hold about seven.
  • Using too much detergent will harm them. So always use half a cup of detergent to get the best results. All detergents are suitable for washing them, so choose according to your choice.
  • Clean them with bleach if they have stains. You can use chlorine or non-chlorine bleach to clean white towels. Only color-safe bleach should be used when washing colored  since chlorine bleach can fade dark-hued towels and leave white bleach stains that will destroy your expensive towels.
  • They can be washed regularly in the washing machine with its regular washing cycle. These cycles are suitable for all and remove dirt and bacteria from them.
  • Light-colored and white-colored washed in hot water settings. Hot water helps them for better cleaning. Dark-colored is used to clean in warm water cycle settings. Warm water helps them from discoloration and removes bacteria.

How Should Towels Dry?

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  • Remove excess water after the wash cycle, then throw them in a dryer. This will keep them soft.
  • Your premium quality has two dry options either dry them in the dryer or let them dry in the air- dry. Choose a regular dryer or automatic dryer for drying.
  • Dont over dry otherwise, they will lose their fluffiness. Once the dryer cycle gets over, take them immediately and fold them to avoid wrinkles.
  • For air drying, flat them on a drying rack or hang them on the clothesline. They may feel stiff after air-drying, but giving them a short “no heat” bounce in the dryer may help them loosen up.


To care, your luxurious bath towels will retain their elegant appearance and plush feel for many years if you wash, dry, and store them carefully. If your towels are highly scratchy and stiff, try washing them with 250ml of vinegar in addition to your laundry detergent.

The towels you choose will significantly influence how you will feel about your everyday bathing routine. If you treat your towels well from the beginning, you’ll enjoy their cozy caresses for many years. Happy toweling!