Yt1s YouTube Downloader and its Possibilities

Yt1s is a YouTube downloader website that helps the device to save the videos that are available on YouTube. Different formats and qualities can be chosen when downloading the videos. This website is a utility website that helps in downloading user uploaded videos from you tube. This website has many worldwide users and it was published in 2020. This website is used in many different ways.

Usage and possibilities of yt1s

As it is used by teachers to save the videos so that they could run it in classrooms easily. It is also used in saving eyewitness videos by journalists and human right organizations. This website makes it possible to view the videos in the best resolution when there is a slow internet connection. Also the website of yt1s runs the encrypted videos with commercial techniques and does not decrypt the video.

Is this website safe to use?

The website of yt1s helps in the downloading of videos from you tube so that the user gets the opportunity to back up their favorite videos. Also the user gets the opportunity to convert their video to another format. This also includes video or audio. Although this website is safe generally, a user should always be careful when getting linked with YouTube downloading services. Also this is possible for the website to host a couple of intrusive advertisements and pop-ups that the user will see each time when they try to use the website.

This website may also convince the user and make them download the stand alone application. This application allowed them to manage and download YouTube videos. But while using these websites a user should never rely on the ads and the pop-ups shown on the website. As downloading these apps can make the PUP’s to get installed and the hackers can invade.

Key features of the website

The website of yt1s makes it fast and easy to download the videos from YouTube and to save them to MP3 or MP4. It is so simple. The user has to just go to the YouTube video he wants to download and copy the YouTube URL. Then he had to paste it in the search box. Then the output format of the video is chosen. Then the user sets the resolution and clicks the download button. Then when the tool is downloaded the user has to convert the video and download the file. It also doesn’t ask for any type of registered accounts.

This website allows the user to download and convert as many videos as he wants as there are no limits and it is free. This website is also accessible by any type of device whether it is windows, android, iPhone, or Mac converting videos is so easy. It also sports audio and video conversions. The videos can easily be converted to MP3, MP4, and 3GP, WMA, M4A and FLV etc. It also allows you to make the file upload to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Is this website legit?

Downloading YouTube and Facebook videos for personal use is not illegal. To download videos for commercial use is also allowed and becomes legal if the reasons given are covered by fair use. Also there are many other websites with the danger name but only is the original one.

This is also the first site for YouTube video downloading. If you search for the downloader of YouTube videos then you will get to see many websites which are like yt1s YouTube downloader. But the alternatives of this website are and Viddly.

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