The Characteristics and Attributes of Clove Shoes

There are a lot of special things about Clove shoes for nurses. The most obvious are that they don’t get wet and are easy to clean.


When it comes to resistance to water, or should we say resistance to fluids? First things first. If you’ve ever worked in a hospital, you’ve definitely gotten something on your shoes. Whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen.

Not only are shoes that don’t leak important for safety, but they are also very comfortable. One of the worst things is having to work the whole shift with wet shoes.


Clove is resistant to fluids and has a surface that is easy to clean. I don’t know what they’re made of, but I can tell you that they’re easy to take care of. It makes no difference if it’s grey or not.

The layer of protection is easy to clean and strong. Only a few shoes offer this level of safety and cleanliness. On the other hand, clove manages to keep its permeability low while still feeling like it lets air through.


Clove’s shoe is only available in men’s and women’s sizes. There are a total of four distinct shades (plus a special edition color), you can get it from cloves discount code.

It’s easy, but there are things that help. Why? The best part is that you don’t have to try on different shoes to see which one looks best on you. They’ve already figured out that this shoe is the best fit for your feet.

There are all shades of white (greyish), pink, and even turquoise (special edition). Even though these colours look good with scrubs, a black one would be better.


One of the best pairs of shoes I’ve ever had. They don’t give as much comfort as shoes like Vessis, but they’re close (they do provide more protection and cleanliness).

They look and feel “marathon-like,” which makes you want to wear them all day. Sole inserts made by OrtholiteTM that fight odours and don’t let them in are also included. Just wash these inserts when they get dirty, and they will look as good as new.

Lastly, Clove has a sole made of rubber that gives it great grip. The sole makes the shoe more comfortable and makes it easier to walk in. It also makes it easier to grip. Even when they are wet, they still have great grip.

Clove Shoes Review

How do clove shoes work? And we think these are the best shoes for breastfeeding we’ve ever had.

What does that mean exactly, and how can I explain it to you? Even though there are shoes that are better than Clove in some ways, Clove combines all of these strengths to make the best nursing shoe on the market.

We’ll look at some more types of nursing shoes in the future. The shoe brands Vessi and Clove have also been compared. So, now that we know we love these shoes, let’s talk about some of the reasons why.


The first time I put them on, I knew they were great. I have no doubt that these were designed with nurses in mind (and other healthcare workers). They are comfortable and won’t leak, but they also have an important practical use.

In terms of usefulness, clove shoes are the best choice for nurses. It’s a breeze to work with these people. It’s easy to put them on and take them off. You can just wipe them clean if they get dirty. Sole inserts can be brought back to life with soap and water. These shoes are easy to tie.

Because of all of these things and more, clove shoes are very useful. They might not be the most attractive or comfortable. But, as I’ve already said, they combine all the best parts into one product.

The First-Shift Impressions

Our first day on the job went really well. At first, the straps and fit needed a few small changes, but once they were perfected, they were great.

During a 12-hour night shift, there were no problems with comfort or tired feet that could be seen. The waterproofing and resistance to liquids were also perfect (downpouring rain on the way in).

By the end of the night, when feet usually hurt the most, we no longer had any problems.

Clove Compression Socks

Clove also sells compression socks, and when you place an order with them, you can get a pair for free. Made to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

They have a level of compression between 20 and 30 mmHg and soles that are reinforced and padded. By applying pressure, the swelling goes down and the blood flow goes up. To put it simply, they are a lot like the compression socks that hospital patients wear.

To sum up, they are available in three different sizes. Also, you can choose from four colours.

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Clove vs Nurse Mates Shoes

There are a few big differences between Clove and Nurse Mates shoes.

The most important thing is how it looks. The Nurse Mates Velocity shoes have a more classic look to them. On the other hand, clove gives a more modern take on things.

The next step is to put the laces on. On the other hand, Nurse Mates use a more traditional way to tie their shoes. But we like the way the Clove shoes are tied better than this one.

Both have an outer shell that protects them, but the materials are different. To be honest, we don’t know which one we like best. On the other hand, Nurse Mates has a wider range of printed patterns and colours.

Clove vs Dansko Shoes

When you hear the words “traditional nursing clogs,” you probably think of Dansko shoes. They have a tougher shell on the outside, which makes them more durable and safe.

In addition to the different designs, the materials used are also different. Dankso clogs have a leather upper shell that feels stronger. The shoes are finished with a strong rubber sole. By far, the most noticeable change is how easy it is to use.

Some nurses love their Dansko boots, but many others find them so hard to wear that they can’t stand it. When you choose Clove nursing shoes, you get a pair that is not only comfortable, but also stylish and airy.

Clove Shoes Fit

What do these two have to do with each other? Compared to the normal size, these fit us pretty well.

Since Nike Free Run shoes seem to be pretty uniform, we always use them to compare sizes. So, we got a size 10.5 Clove shoe, which was a bit bigger and had more room than a size 10.5 Nike Free Run. Because of this, we had to pull our straps tighter.

Overall, though, we were happy with how close the fit was to what we thought it would be.

Final Verdict

So, should you buy a pair of Clove nursing shoes? In our opinion, yes, it is.

These nursing shoes are the best we’ve ever tried (let alone shoes in general). They are soft, well-made, easy to clean, and let a lot of air through. All of these things are important in a shoe for a nurse who is on her feet all day.

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