Is Lewdle Suitable For Children And How To Play it?

Yes, Lewdle is the dirtiest version of Wordle which has been released on the internet. Lewdle contains one of the most erotic and rude words that the user needs to guess. The way to play Lewdle is the same as that of wordle.

Is Lewdle the dirty version of Wordle?

The user gets a fixed amount of six attempts to guess the five-letter word. However, there’s a strange twist in the game. This is that rather than the word being a general one, it is a ruder kind of word. There are words related to one’s parts. Some rude words even contain slang words and extreme vulgarity.

Hence, it is strongly recommended to play the game at one’s own risk. Like wordle, the user can only attempt it once a day. This means that if a user could not or could guess the word. They won’t be able to guess the same word. Hence, they will have to wait for a total of 24 hours or till midnight.

Can children of young age play Lewdle?

The team behind Lewdle strongly recommends parents prevent children’s access. This is mainly because Lewdle is filled with rude and vulgar content. Hence, children of young age should be protected from this kind of content. Especially those children who are at a young age currently. This is because children of a young age are easily manipulatable. Hence, whenever they see a common thing or game they tend to adapt to it. This means for example if they attempt to guess a vulgar word on Lewdle.

They will most probably try to mimic the same word in their speech. Which is not good for the children’s upbringing. Parents are instructed if their child wishes to play this game. They should instead let their children play Wordle. This is because wordle even has the option to enable age-restricted content. Through this feature, parents can set the age of the child. Then only content suitable for the child’s age will be presented to him/her.

How to play Lewdle?

First of all, the user should be at least above 18 years of age to play Lewdle. Playing Lewdle is the same as playing Wordle. The game is available on their official website to start playing. The user is presented with a puzzle of letters. This puzzle mostly lies between the difficulty of a crossword and a sudoku puzzle. Even if the user has played Wordle, will instantly familiarize themself with the mastermind of the game.

This is because both online games make use of the same algorithm. The user is required to guess the given word in six tries. The user is also granted some hints to figure out the word. It is reported that the given word is mostly vulgar or rude. Just like the game’s name, “lewd” suggests rudeness. Hence, the users should direct their minds to more of a vulgar word sense.

How do these hints work?

The user is granted many hints throughout their game on Lewdle. These hints are just like those given in the Wordle game. The hints help the users confirm their letter choice. This confirmation is per the position of letters in the word. There are around a total of 3 hints which are given to the user in Lewdle. If any letters selected by the user are highlighted in green.

This means that the user has gotten their letter in the right place. Once a letter is an input by the user. He/She cannot change their choice. Furthermore, if any of the selected letters gets highlighted in yellow. This means that the letter lies somewhere in the whole word. However, the selected letter is not in its correct position. Lastly, if any selected letter gets highlighted in gray. This means that the letter is nowhere in the whole world.

Concluding statement

Lewdle is a good game for users who are interested in vulgar games. However, it is not at all suitable for children below 18 years of age. Users can easily access the game online. There are many spin offs to this game also. Hence, the user should only visit the official game website.

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