How tall is Caillou and true thoughts on it

Caillou is an online series which is about a family. This series has Caillou, the boy himself, as the main character of the TV series. Caillou is known because of his great height. Hence, this is where the question arises about How tall is Caillou. He is a giant-sized man who is proposed to be only the age of 4.

Character based on a younger character

Hence, such a young age arouses the audience to ask how tall Caillou is. Well, there are many reports which report his height. All the reports are mainly between 5 feet and 7 feet. Related to the question of How tall is Caillou the audience tends to ask about his father’s height too. This is because genes related to body types and height are mostly transferred from the father. The character himself was based on a much younger character from a children’s book.

Twitter’s views

The audience on Twitter had hilarious views on the topic of How tall is Caillou. Somebody drew attention to their platform by questioning How tall is Caillou. Someone responded by saying he is nearly 6 feet in height. Users were amazed to see how tall this young boy was. The topic of How tall is Caillou soon became a trending topic on Twitter. This is because the average height of a Canadian man is five feet and 10 inches. However, considering Caillou is a four-year-old child his height is exceptional when compared to average heights. The show of Caillou is even mostly based on his height. There’s a theme song in the show which compliments Caillou’s height. Caillou sings that each day he grows some more. At the start of this song Caillou’s mother compliments him by saying, “you’re getting to be a big boy”.

Caillou Body statistics

When the question arose about How tall is Caillou. There were mainly two sources that provided information related to How tall is Caillou. One of the sources stated that he is around five feet eleven inches. Whereas, the other source stated that Caillou has a height of seven feet two inches. Hence, there is still confusion about How tall Caillou is. Caillou’s other body statistics include him being weighed around 171 pounds. His blood type is known to be B+. Normally, it is predicted that people with a blood group of B+ have a greater height than normal. Caillou belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. There are some reports which suggest that people of Caucasian ethnicity normally have a height greater than average. This is mainly because of the environment present around those people.

Good height have a greater advantage

Some Twitter users also made some funny comments on how tall is Caillou. They responded by saying that the Lakers should’ve traded for Caillou instead of Anthony Davis. Lakers is a professional basketball team which is based in Los Angeles. It is already known that people of good height have a greater advantage while playing basketball. Hence, this is why the netizen responded like this: How tall is Caillou. Some even responded How tall is Caillou?”

 They responded by saying if Caillou is 180cm tall then his dad must be 370 cm. 370 centimeters is estimated to be around 12 feet 2 inches. These responders predicted that if Caillou is already of adult height then his whole body must be of giants. Some netizens also responded by saying that Caillou must live in a universe where everybody is at least eight feet tall.

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