Best Women’s Fashion Clothing According To Body Type

If you don’t know what type of dressing should suit your body then first you need to know what type of body type you have. Well, you will be happy to know that you are at the right place because in this blog you will get a thorough understanding of different body types and how to dress up accordingly. I know it has happened to everyone at once in their life when they go shopping and pick a perfect dress but in the trial room, they get disappointed. This all happens because the dress is not for the body type you have and that’s fine, nothing to feel depressed or sad about. 

When you are fully acquainted with your body structure, flaunting your dream outfit becomes a reality right away and you will love yourself. So, scroll down and read this blog and identify which body type you belong to. 

Types Of Body You Should Know

Trends change fast and it’s not easy to adapt them to our unique and beautiful body shapes. Fashion is all about what you feel and how you feel comfortable in it. but you would say that you need guidelines not rules to follow, right? So for that, we have gathered some guidelines to help you learn how to dress your body shape and create a high fashion statement. (Sourced from 

Pear Body Shape 

You may have this body shape if your waist is wider than your bust, where you have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips and you will consider having fuller hips. Now you need to know how you can dress up in different styles if you have such a body type. A pear-shaped body looks fabulous in statement tops that draw the eye upward to the sexy part. Women who have such types of body shapes then dramatic necklaces and earrings will work as a secret weapon for them. If you are curvy then fitted tops will draw attention toward your narrow waist, make sure to show it off!

Hourglass shape 

This type of body shape has a well-defined waist and you describe your body as curvy plus, your bust and hip measurements are roughly even. The key to dressing up for this type of body shape should be in 2 folds. First, you need to show off your lady shape and define your waist. The beauty of this hourglass body shape is that your curves are already very balanced. You can wear peplum blouses, wrap tops, tailored tops with ample room in the chest, or anything with a V-neck, round neck, or boat neck. Check Boutique Feel coupon codes they have a wide range of fashionable yet stylish clothes. This will help you in creating a perfect look for the hourglass body look. 

Apple Shape 

This type of body shape has a broader shoulder than hips and is said to be generally well portioned. You don’t have a well-defined waistline like an hourglass body and you are not necessarily as curvy through your hips. You can wear cozy loose clothes if you have an apple-shaped body type. Tops like breezy A-line silhouettes, Flowy tunics, Relaxed, boyfriend button-ups, V-necks anything that will work perfectly with such a body! So, if you have an apple-shaped body then try to wear such types of tops to look beautiful. 

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The Athletic Shape

If you play a lot of sports then other girls who don’t play such intense activities, are usually on the straight-up-and-down side. Don’t worry if someone says you have a boyish frame. You still can dress in a way that you will look gorgeous. This type of body is not particularly curvy and the shoulder and hip measurements are nearly the same. Your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body and your waist isn’t very small or well defined.

An athletic body shape should show off their muscular arms, defined shoulders, and showing off their waist. Tops like Halter styles, Racerback styles, Scoop & round necklines, Strapless anything will work perfectly for such a body. If you are looking for something to buy then you can use the Joules promo code in your shopping to get them at discounted prices!

Every woman wants to look stylish and beautiful when it comes to dressing. With this guidance, you can easily fulfill your goal. These are the 4 types of body shapes that normal women have. So now you can decide in which category your body falls. And how you should dress to create a high fashion statement and dress elegantly. Lastly, I want to conclude that each body is unique in its own way, just own what you have gladly. Every body type is unique and beautiful and so you are my queens!!

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