The Benefits of Magnetic Fidget Sliders: A Guide to Stress-Relief and Concentration


Small restless movements or fidgeting include shaking legs, tapping the fingers, etc. This movement in people with anxiety or ADHD, deficit hyperactivity disorder, and fidgeting is mainly associated with the coping mechanism. It helps people with disorders to increase their focus. And to accommodate, there are fidgeting toys designed to reduce anxiety by improving focus. It allows people to do something with their hands, which helps divert attention and relax.

Below is a detailed guide that you need to know about fidget toys and how they help in reducing anxiety and stress.

What Are Fidget Toys?


Fidget toys such as fidget sliders and any metal spinning tops, fidget cubes, etc. that help in concentration and reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, these toys also help in enhancing learning ability too. There is no conclusive evidence, but studies and research have proven that using these has helped people.

Can Fidget Sliders Help With Anxiety?

Yes, fidgeting is known to relieve anxiety. The fidget toys are usually helpful in:

  • Dealing with anxiety
  • General stress relief OCD
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder ADHD
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity

There has been research on whether they work or not, but there have been studies showing that fidgeting helps kids and adults relieve stress. People have found that it has enabled them to focus more in situations with a tense environment, be it in a meeting room or simply performing some task.

How Does Fidget Spinning Help With Anxiety?

When they have anxiety, adults or kids might make small movements whenever they are feeling stressed, anxious, nervous, and impatient. So, one of the best ways to take out these emotions is via fidget toys. When an individual is fidgeting, they release their anxiety, which calms their nerves and relieves them. It works as a distraction, so if a person is stressed about any particular situation, playing with fidget toys distracts them and provides temporary relief. Simply put, it is a way to put their mental stress away. Since fidgeting is a rhythmic motion, it feels soothing.

Things To Consider When Buying Fidget Toys


Since these toys come in different varieties, picking the best one can be difficult, especially if you’re buying needs for your kid. However, to help you in your search, below are some considerations to look out for.

What Is Your Requirement?

The first and most important is your kids’ needs. For example, it is essential to know how you will use the toy and the goals. Do you want help with anxiety, concentration, or anything else? When one is dealing with issues such as ADHD, or anxiety, then it is recommended to opt for professional help, and they will help in deciding the best course of action. Also, it is essential to remember that these toys are additional help and support, and one should not replace the therapy.

Check For Durability

Since these toys will be used a lot and regularly, it is essential that they are durable and that they can survive fidgeting. Primarily, they are used in situations where people are anxious and stressed. So, when buying, always opt for durable materials such as metal.

Different Design And Features

There are several fidget toys available in different designs. Such as you can get cubes puzzles, sliders, spinners, etc. It all depends on your preference and requirements. Also, it will be best if you look for some extra features. These gadgets now come with LED lights and other features. However, it depends on personal preferences.

Additionally, comfort is something that one should always pay attention to. When playing with the toy, be it spinning, it should feel comfortable in your hands, and the texture must be something you like. For example, some like the touch of plastic, while some prefer metal.

Types Of Fidget Toys


There are different types of fidget toys:

  • Fidget spinners
  • Magnetic fidget slider
  • Squeezable stress balls
  • Putty or playdough
  • Six-sided fidget cube
  • Sensory diffusers

In fact, there are also toys available that you can buy and target the five senses, such as oral, tactile, and olfactory.

Benefits Of Using Fidget Toys

Regarding benefits, topmost, it helps people who struggle with anxiety and constantly need to move, whether it is their hand or leg, etc. These movements sometimes make it difficult to concentrate, focus, or learn. This can cause issues in the meeting room or a classroom. These toys provide a mental distraction from the current activities. This helps take away the stress and does not get over anxiety in stressful situations. Some of the advantages are:

  • They can help students academically. Research has shown that students who used t balls have improved their attention, writing abilities, interaction, and engagement. They were able to relieve anxiety, and since stress can cause restlessness, fidgeting helps them by providing an outlet to release these emotions.
  • They have a calming effect. In fact, it can help people who are about to go to surgery; using these toys helps them to calm down. Kids or adults with ADHD face issues with concentration, but with the help of a fidget toy, they can focus better. When they use the fidget, it activates their brain stem.
  • They help people suffering from PTSD. Fidgeting with a toy is a self-soothing activity that has a calming effect. These methods come under The primary focus of these techniques is to divert the focus from distressing symptoms such as panic attacks, negative emotions, and flashbacks.

In conclusion, fidgeting is one of the ways that the body uses to release restless energy. It can be in the form of leg shaking, foot tapping, etc. Using fidget toys is a great way to redirect these behaviors. And it also helps in focusing and concentrating and helps in enhancing learning capabilities too. There are different types of toys, be it sliders, spinners, etc., but the goal is the same: to help concentrate. People of any age can benefit from it, whether adults or kids.