An Expert Buyer’s guide for the wholesale Bjj Gi

Are you looking to purchase your first ever wholesale Bjj Gi but don’t know where to start? Well, most amateur martial arts students get confused and stressed before buying their first ever uniform, and you are not alone in that. 

There are several things to consider while choosing the best Bjj Gi for you. You want to buy something that will be elegant as well as robust and comfy without being stuffy or unpleasant. 

Not many clothing alternatives were available when Brazilian jiu-jitsu first began, giving players little options for size and design. Too many options are available today, making it challenging to choose the ideal one for you. 

So with all the diverse options available and you being a first-time buyer, it is essential to have an expert’s guide to purchasing a Bjj Gi. In This blog, we have lined up everything you need to know about buying the Bjj Gi. 

Why Do You Need To Buy A Wholesale Bjj Gi?

It’s crucial to understand that Jiu Jitsu Gis differs from uniforms used in other combat styles (Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, etc.). Gis used in jiu-jitsu is substantially more resilient because they are frequently dragged and tugged. 

The Bjj Gis from non-grappling martial arts is made of thinner fabrics, which are more likely to rupture the first time they are used on the surface. 

Thinking that a Judo Gi can be used for Bjj is a typical error made by most beginners while buying their first ever wholesale Bjj Gi. Although the fabric is certainly strong enough, the sleeves on the judo Gis are bigger. 

This additional dimension provides your opponent more to grasp onto. They can even hold the sleeve so tightly that your hand becomes trapped within the sleeve, which is harmful. Giving your opponent little or nothing to grip on is important in BJJ. The Bjj Gis usually are more tightly fitting than Judo Gis because of this very reason.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Wholesale Bjj Gi

You must be aware of certain factors that make up a great Gi for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Here’s a quick lineup of the things you should consider before buying one for yourself.

Weave Of The Wholesale Bjj Gi

The weave is Bjj Gi’s most significant feature. How much fabric is used and how a gi is put together depends on the weave. This determines the Gi’s size, width, and longevity.

Single Weave

Single weave Gis is typically the first choice for many beginning Bjj trainees. Compared to other available weaves, they are often lighter and less expensive and if you want to combine your wholesale boxing gloves with the Bjj Gi, this is the best option. 

The Gis made from a single weave are thinner and less tightly woven, which keeps you cool on warm days. However, the thinness of the single-weave uniforms causes them to deteriorate more quickly.

Double Weave

A single weave is simply doubled for a double weave Bjj Gi. This pattern requires twice as much fabric as the previous one. 

As a result, it is thicker and heavier than a single thread. Due to the tighter weave and increased heat retention, the double weave will be hotter.

Gold Weave

Single and double weaving characteristics are combined in the gold weave, which merges their strength and delicacy. A reliable all-purpose Bjj Gi made of gold weave is suitable for regular training and tournaments and you can even make use of this with your wholesale boxing gear. 

Pearl Weave

Pearl weave is a magnificent, tight weave that is both sturdy and light simultaneously. It’s a fantastic option for competitions because of the pearl texture. 

This weave checks off every mark for a championship Gi: it’s breathable, compact, and resilient. This weave is a great choice for your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu matches.


Over the past few decades, ripstop has become a very prominent and non-conventional weave. This stitching style is distinguishable by the sewn squares that are woven into the weave and serve to prevent rips and tears.

Initially utilized just for the Gi pants, some manufacturers are using the ripstop weave to create full Bjj Gis these days. 

Fit Of The Gi

It doesn’t matter if you choose a loose or tight trim, a shorter or longer shape. You must select the best option for you and stick with it. 

The restrictions on fit and cut alter if you’re looking for one that’s acceptable for championships, but if you’re looking for a Gi for regular training purposes, go for a cut that is not too restrictive in the pants or back and ones that are not too snug in the sleeves. You can also wear this while practicing with the custom boxing gloves

Correct Fabric

While some people like finer, softer materials, others prefer rigid, abrasive fabrics. Choose the option you like and adhere to it. It’s crucial to remember that fabrics created from raw materials will eventually begin to shrink, depending on the type of material, so select the fabric and size appropriately.

These days, pre-shrunk cotton is also used to make Bjj Gis, so shrinkage issues are no longer a concern. Gis that can be shrunk to fit is a great choice.  

For these, you wash and dry them until they are the perfect size before stopping to dry them for the rest of their usage. However, you can try drying them occasionally to check if it still fits. 

We suggest you go for the shrink-to-fit if you want a Gi that is more precisely tailored to your size. But this requires a little more upkeep, and you risk over-shrinking if it is washed too frequently.

Timely Reinforcement

The parts of your wholesale bjj gi that frequently sustain the most damage and strain need to be strengthened regularly.  

The knees, underarms, thighs, chest, and side openings all have stronger stitching. Additionally, the color must be resilient and long-lasting while still being pleasant to look at and wear. 

Expressive Designs

The martial arts costumes come in different variations but have a standard and uniform design too. However, you need to feel confident in your clothing in terms of style and comfort. 

So if you want to indicate that you take Jiu Jitsu seriously, choose a design that expresses who you are in a completely distinct style with plenty of detail and decoration, or you can choose a simple, conventional one for an even more sophisticated feel.

Having the proper Bjj Gi is essential if you want to do your best during training or competition, regardless of how often you practice or your personal preferences. In order to get the finest Bjj Gi, keep an eye on the above-mentioned guidelines as you explore the market.   

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