Alienware Aurora 2019 Feature and Specifications

The Alienware Aurora 2019 had been certified by HTC Vive and Oculus for VR Capabilities. This PC was designed to exceed the minimum VR requirements of current generations. It is possible due to having one of the most powerful GPUs integrated with one of the most powerful CPUs. A Computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and CPU (Core Processing Unit) are one of the main components for having VR capabilities. This is because when playing VR it requires fast processing as well as more graphics support.

The Alienware Aurora 2019 was purposely built to support and handle a VR system. The top of the case is such designed that user’s can keep their VR headsets on it. There is even a top handle fixed on the case of a PC. Users can easily organize their VR wires by running these cables through this handle. The Alienware Aurora is known to have around 15 USB (Universal Serial Bus) Ports. This much amount of ports are more than enough to handle around even 2 to 3 VRs at once.

Cooling Capability of Alienware Aurora

The Alienware Aurora 2019’s case is such designed for good cooling. Its case is based on the Area-51 ergonomics. This is because the Area-51 which is a military based area has a fascinating cooling system. Its shape and ergonomics is such that the whole area remains cool even throughout summers. Similarly, the Alienware Aurora 2019 has been designed inspired by Area-51. There is air intake both at the front of the case and the back of the case. This allows for cross-ventilation throughout the computer’s case.

There are exhausts also on the right panels of the case. Last but not the least the case has a top-mounted fan. Since there is cross-ventilation from all possible axes. The exhaust fan is used to pump out the hot air present inside. Likewise, it also creates a suction near the top mounted and side mounted exhaust. Alienware Aurora 2019 helps to keep a maintained temperature within the computer. All exhaust are covered with dust filter to help prevent dust from entering inside the cooling system. Their cooling system is known to be one of the most capable cooling systems in the market. This is mainly due to the high quality fans they use on their CPUs. All their computers have high quality thermal paste which have thermal absorption abilities.

Hardware Specifications

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is sold in two variants. One of which has Intel and the other has AMD. The Alienware Aurora is known to have a Intel i9-9900K processor. Since, this is a K-series Intel CPU it has over-clocking capabilities. The processor has around 8 cores which are more than enough to support as many games as the user requires. These 8 cores can each be overclocked up to 4.7 Gigahertz. However, after overclocking capable cooling abilities must be imposed onto the PC.

This i9-9900K can even have a turbo boost up to 5 Gigahertz. This proves to be a great solution for applications which make use of single threading. Alienware Aurora 2019 are 2 GPU options available for this computer. The first is an RTX2080Ti and the second is a Radeon Rx Vega 64. Both are outperforming GPUs in terms of performance and rendering. The RTX2080Ti is manufactured and marketed by Nvidia. However, there are some sub brands which impose their own cooling technologies on Nvidia’s GPUs. Both of these GPUs can support resolutions up to 4K.


Alienware Aurora 2019 GPUs offer outstanding resolutions with vivid colors and high and stable frame rates. Usually some gamers face a lot if latency issue while playing. This is mainly due to slow Wireless chips or poor LAN cables. However, this computer has the Killer 1535 chips which is integrated with the Extreme Range technology. This extreme range technology allows to improve Wireless signals which have low performance and this is mainly done by the signal amplifiers in the Killer 1535 chip. The Killer 1535 chips can amplify signals up to 5 GHz. This will allow nearly no lag or latency while playing online games.

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