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Jump into Fun: Why Renting a Bounce House Is the Ultimate Party Idea

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Are you looking for the perfect party idea? Are you tired of the same old boring birthday gatherings? Look no further – renting a bounce house will make your next party the talk of the town! You and your guests will have a blast with this fun, energizing activity. Bring the ultimate party to life with a bounce house today!

Benefits of Renting a Bounce House

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Renting a bounce house for your party is an excellent way to add fun and excitement to any celebration. It can be enjoyed by both adults and children of all ages and it doesn’t have to break your party budget. Not only is renting a bounce house from bounce house rental Everett the perfect option for adding entertainment value to your event, but it also provides endless benefits that will ensure lasting memories.

Bounce houses are designed with safety features that make them suitable for all types of weather conditions, from rain or snow to heat and even windy days. Professionally set-up inflatables come with certified safety features for adults and children who want to jump inside at the same time without any worries. Though adults will need extra supervision if they decide to join, safety nets installed around these units offer peace of mind as far as accidents are concerned.

Another advantage of renting a bounce house is that you don’t have to worry (or pay extra) about delivery, maintenance, or equipment rentals; this is completely taken care of by the rental company you select. Not only will they provide the necessary contacts and guidance lessening your workload immensely but they can also arrange set up and take down services when you need it most – making preparation stress-free!

Finally, a great element about bounce houses is that they can be custom-made with themes, colors, sizes, or shapes so every party has its own unique flair! To make sure everything goes as anticipated so you can actually enjoy the entire experience from beginning until end, careful consideration should be given prior when making such plans – especially if this particular celebration marks an important milestone in someone’s life.

Inflatable Castles

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These classic castle-like bounce houses feature slides, turrets, and plenty of space for bouncing. Great for younger children, inflatable castles come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate any kind of space.

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

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Perfect for larger parties or events, inflatable obstacle courses feature a range of activities such as climbing walls, tunnels, balance beams, and more. This type of bounce house is perfect for keeping groups active and occupied with fun challenges throughout the day.


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These bouncy inflatables resemble large inflated trampolines with netting around them to keep participants safe. Moonwalks are especially popular at kids’ birthday parties as they provide an unlimited source of fun for hours on end!

Bounce Houses with Slides

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As the name implies, these popular inflatables combine two classic activities into one – bouncing and sliding! With built-in slides as well as netted enclosures that allow parents to monitor playtime safely from outside, these make great additions to any event or party.

Sports Arenas

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Great for competitive older children and teens who want to play organized sports during their party or event such as basketball or volleyball indoors! Sports arenas are available in many different sizes depending on your needs – some offer multiple courts while others have individual games built-in such as ring toss or dart throwing stations!

Tips for Setting up a Bounce House

Before you rent and set up the bounce house, consider the following tips:

-Choose a level surface for setup: When looking for an area to set up the house, find a flat spot in your outdoor space that is free of debris such as sticks and stones. Leveling the area will ensure your guests stay safe when using the bounce house.

-Pay attention to weather conditions: Don’t set up your bounce house on days with high winds or lightning. Rain can also cause damage to some of the materials used in inflatable houses, so think about covering it with plastic if possible before it starts raining or snowing.

-Check the electrical power needs: Many inflatables include blowers that require electricity to operate them. Make sure you have access to adequate electricity if needed and confirm this with your rental company before setting up.

-Review safety requirements: Follow all safety instructions carefully when it comes to the number of people allowed in at one time, age restrictions timeline, and other safety rules associated with your specific model of the bounce house.

-Observe rules regarding food and beverages inside: Eating food or drinking liquids inside most inflatable structures is prohibited due to hygiene reasons, so make sure you inform all your guests before they get into the bounce house!

Ideas for Making Your Party Even More Fun

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With a little creativity and planning, you can make your bounce house the star of the show without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Invite a face painter: Providing face painting along with a bounce house may be just what it takes to add an extra element of fun and excitement. Kids love it when they can jump and play, then become transformed into superheroes or pretty princesses.

Organize bubble battles: Add strength-building races from one side of the yard to the other in bubbles! When kids race inside huge single bubbles for longer distances, you’ll have instant chaos that will launch energy levels right off the charts.

Have a relay race: Have some organized competition with a relay race around or even through your inflatable obstacle course or around your bounce house! The team with the best coordination and communication skills will take home bragging rights –– even if they don’t win by coming in first!

Incorporate limbo: Use sticks, hula hoops, or limbo poles gathered from items available around the house like painter’s poles or mopping poles to host a limbo session beneath your inflatable structure. This is sure to bring on plenty of laughter for children and adults alike.


In conclusion, renting a bounce house for your next party is an excellent way to ensure that your guests have a fun and entertaining activity to take part in. Not only do they provide safe and exciting playtime, but they can also be used as a back drop or even a place to hold the actual event. They are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are sure to make any kind of event or gathering more lively and inviting. With such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and themes available, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs perfectly.