Joinpd is no Doubt a Perfect Alternative To Power Point

Joinpd is basically an online website where users can make their respective accounts. This platform was mainly created for teachers to provide them a good teaching experience. Teachers are prompted with a template window. In this window teachers can choose presentation templates to create their respective slides. They can easily import the templates from the prompted windows. If the user ignores this prompted window on Joinpd.

They can later on import templates by clicking on the Open tab. There is an option for importing templates. The teachers can then fill in their data in the template. Teachers can also customize the template according to themselves or whatever suits them. They can delete fields and add fields according to their respective criteria. Teachers can even change colors of the slides or change the arrangements of sections. They can adjust the dividers according to their set criteria.

Customizability of Pear Deck

Users offered unlimited customizability with Joinpd. Users can create or delete slides just with the click of a button. They can even reset the layout of the slides. By layout it meant changing the arrangement of titles, subtitles, etc. It known to be very customizable in terms of presentations. Users are offered different viewing modes of the same presentation. This means they can even view the slides in printed mode. This is because most teachers tend to print presentations rather than presenting on a projector. Hence, to save printing ink and pages Joinpd offers to adjust the pages in printed mode. This basically allows it to fit in at least 3 slides within a single page.

Joinpd and its low quality content

The content becomes diminished if the printing ink is of low quality. Whereas, if users have a good laser printer, they can easily take advantage of this. This is because laser printers tend to have more accuracy in printing colors. Users can even draw custom shapes on their slides. This feature is provided to help the student understand things more easily. It helps students imagine things with more clarity. In case the teacher doesn’t have a drawing pad connected to their device. They can make use of preset shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, rounded corners rectangle, etc. There is a wide variety of shapes available on Pear Deck’s interface to use.

Presenting with Pear Deck

Teachers can present their slides on it’s platform. There are different slideshow options available on their online platform. The first option is to present from the beginning. This works by displaying the slides from the total start. It doesn’t matter on whichever slide the teacher is present on. The other option is to present from the current slide. This helps the teacher to present a specific slide or from a specific point. The wide variety of slide show options on Joinpd shows how devoted it is to the teacher’s hard work.

 Teachers can also set up a custom slide show. In this feature, users can customize their slideshow with various options like timers. Teachers can set timers for different slides. This helps to be handsfree while presenting the slides. Teachers can set the timer depending on how long or short the slide’s content is. Teachers can also hide slides just with a single click. This done by presenting the Hide Slide option on the Slide Show tab. Teachers can do this to hide certain slides which are not suitable for their students.

Review and View options on Pear Deck

Teachers can easily use the Review options on Pear Deck to present in a more suitable manner. Users can even make use of the spelling section to recheck their words. Joinpd has their own customized dictionary. In this dictionary users can also contribute by adding new words with their respective meanings. This helps the teacher to easily correct their spellings. That too with a wide variety of spellings in the respective dictionary. Teachers can even write notes below slides. This helps students to easily get the purpose of the slide.

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