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Funniest Farewell Cakes for Colleagues

It is perfectly sufficient to quit work. If your job is not properly rewarding you financially, you’ll submit your resignation & appearance for additional work. You’ll do an equivalent thing if you think of reinventing yourself and trying out a remarkable career. You’ll resign if you feel that the company’s values are not any longer brought into line with yours or if you are not happy working there anymore. Leaving work is not easy. The process is not that straightforward. Aside from that, leaving work means leaving the people you have spent the majority of days with. And if you are ready to create a robust bond with them, they’ll find your decision difficult to accept. Before the thought discourages you from making that call, take a moment and order cakes online. All these are the funniest farewell cakes you can give their co-workers on their last day. You can also send cakes online to your co-workers.

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Here are some cake ideas;

“U R Basic Bye” Farewell Cakes

This cake seemed like it came from people forced to return with a lovely farewell cake. They did not even bother using the complete words or punctuation marks.

“Go Away” Farewell Cake

The flower was a pleasant touch to the cake. However, the handwriting could be better.

“See You in Hell” Farewell Cakes

This cake is distributed with mixed signals. The planning & flavor suggest that friends & colleagues at work. However, the message may be a different story.

“You Are Now Dead To Us” Farewell Cake

Although this cake looks morbid, you’ve got to understand the very fact that they have spent tons of your time conceptualizing it. And therefore, the best part of? It’s a cake.

Farewell Cake for an Awesome IT Boss

Not all bosses are loved by their staff. But if a boss happens to be revered by his workers, he may expect to get an awesome cake like this one. It is crammed with really funny memes.

When Co-Workers Have Similar Thoughts of Your Job

When everyone fears working in your office, they will surely feel a way of relief for anyone who eventually gets to go away from it. This cake makes a superb choice for this example.

“It’s a Trap” Farewell Cakes

Farewell cakes are not just given every time someone quits work or finds a better job. Sometimes, they’re also given every time someone moves to a different department. So give this “It’s a Trap” Cake to make him laugh.

Farewell Cake for a Moody Co-Worker

Some people can bring joy & happiness wherever they are going. If you become the office grouch, you will perhaps bring happiness wherever you go.

Farewell Cakes for an Exited Co-Worker

When you are a friend to almost every employee at work, you might expect them to become happy for you. However, it seemed that his colleagues were not too happy about him leaving. For them, he is so dead and you can make cake delivery in Bangalore online.

When a Colleague Gets a Better Job

Sometimes, we cannot quit employment or search for a far better one because we’ve got a lively contract, there is no better offer, or we’ve no other options. So when the entire office heard that their colleagues were ready to get a far better job, they only made sure to get him this cake.

“C Ya Around” Farewell Cakes

Being on the brink of your employees means they know nearly everything about you. This particular boss, for instance, likes two things.

When Your Co-Worker Will Miss All the Fun

Your co-workers will not be the sole ones who will miss you at work. This cake will 100% remind you what you will be missing.

When a Colleague Wants to Traumatize You

Farewell parties are alleged to be fun & exciting. If this is often the type of cake you get before your farewell party, you ought to probably consider it before going. It is a transparent warning of how you will find yourself the following morning.

“Bye Asshole” Farewell Cakes

Leaving work to seek out a far better job seems acceptable. However, working for a competitor is unacceptable. It had been fortunate that your co-workers even bothered to shop for a cake, albeit it’s gross.

They Know It

They knew he was just there for the cash. So they did not say anything about it though they were still working together.

When You Will Be Missed

Although the friends who gave this cake felt betrayed after their colleague left his job to follow farming, they still managed to send him off in a great way. Nonetheless, he is still a traitor.

Google Auto-Correct

This cake’s story is sort of funny. After someone got hired to figure at (for example), his colleague decided to offer him a Google cake. And in fact, they had to be extra creative.

“Girl, Bye!” Farewell Cake

This one’s direct to the purpose. Although there have been no impressive decorations or tasty toppings, at a minimum, they managed to draw a heart & scribbles. The handwriting was quite decent as well.

When Someone Leaves Work Unexpectedly

Sometimes, a colleague’s decision to go away from us is sudden. And once we are caught off-guard, we could not easily come up with innovative ideas to bid them farewell. This is often probably what happened with this cake.

When They Want to Scare You

This cake looks very creepy. Aside from the message, there is also a Grim Reaper and an empty hole on the bottom. Anyone who receives this can surely feel frightened, and also, it would never return to figure.