Can Turkish123 bring a Revolutionary Change To The Entertainment Industry?

Turkish123 is not legal in many countries around the globe. However, it is safe to use for normal users. The website is claimed to be illegal because all of the content uploaded on Turkish123 is pirated. Making use of and republishing pirated content is considered a serious crime in many countries around the globe.

Is It Legal and safe?

The name Turkish123 seems to be a very legitimate name for a streaming website. However, per government policies, the website is illegal. However, in terms of privacy and user security, the website is safe to use. However, users should refrain from making use of pirated content on any online website like Turkish123. This is because most governments have strict policies against users making use of pirated content. Hence to avoid problems and legal offenses the user should refrain from doing such acts.


There are many in-built features integrated with the Turkish123 website. All of these features are practical and worth using. Turkish123 claims to have every episode of the series. Whether the series is Turkish or western, the platform has it. Their content is even categorized into years. This helps the user to scroll through the content timeline on Turkish123. For example, if the user is older, they can click on the content of 2015 or before that.

Hence, users of any age can find suitable content right on the website. There are a lot of genres available for Turkish content on the website such as Romance, Family, Drama, Entertainment, and much more. There are separate pages for series and episodes of a specific serial. Turkish123 even has an in-built news section on their website which helps to keep the user updated regarding Turkish actors.

It’s Popularity and all in one solution

Turkish123 is known to be climbing the charts currently. This is mainly because Turkish dramas and serials are very popular in South America and other Western Countries. Although, these countries don’t even have Turkish as their native language or as their principal language of communication. Still, Turkish123 allows its users to enable English subtitles on any of their uploaded content.

This allows their content to be watched throughout the globe. This specific platform has proven to be an all-in-one solution for users who are fond of Turkish content. The website has all types of features and genres available on it. Users can even stay updated about the latest upcoming Turkish Movies or Drama Serials. From the other corner of the world, a user can get easy access to the latest news about Turkish actors and politics related to entertainment.


There are many alternate websites to Turkish123 in case the user is not able to access this website within their country. Some users don’t have the access to Turkish123 mainly because it might be banned in their country by respective authorities. However, some alternate websites are even better than this platform. Serial4 is an online website that has a similar interface and SOP (Standard Operating procedure) to that of Turkish123.

Subtitles in English or in any other languages

This website even has the option to enable subtitles in English or any other language. However, this website requires the user to fill in their personal information and register for a free account. Like the original website, Serial4 even has the functionality to download content for offline watching. Alternates like TurkSub24 are also available to use for totally free. However, like the original website TurkSub24 only offers the user to view the most recent episodes. The user can’t access the content timeline like the one on Turkish123.

Website Not Accessible

There might be some reasons why Turkish123 might not be accessible in your country. However, there are some simple solutions that even a normal user can make use of. The user can make use of a paid VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will help them change their virtual location to another country. It is preferred that the user should choose turkey in their VPN’s settings.

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