5 Protective Equipment For Sports

Sports are wonderful formative and fun experiences for not only athletes but for everyone to develop skills, friendships, and memories that will last forever with them. Big goals, wins, losses, championship games, competitions, and injuries caused during a sport, are all these things that last forever in our memories. Sports injuries are the most common problem in both contact sports and non-contact sports. In the USA, almost 3.5 million people under the age of 14 suffer from sports injuries every year, and age after 14 accounts for about 2 million injuries every year. The good thing is you can minimize the risk of getting injured. Safety standards are set by the government by which you can curb the risk of sports injuries. Protective equipment is required in specific sports, particularly for those sports that have high contact with the person, to reduce risk.  

Some Protective Equipment 

Protective sports equipment may include, a helmet, mouthguards, eyewear, face protection, safety mat, lifejacket, padded flame resistance, and much other equipment that is used by athletes for safety purposes. You can also find other cool protective stuff at Steiner Sports and use Steiner Sports Coupons to get them at discounted prices. 5 of the most common protective sports equipment are discussed below.


Helmets wear in different types of sports to protect your head because most fatal sports accidents happen because of head injuries. You can wear a helmet for boxing, crickets, goalkeeper, cyclist, bikers, baseball players, and many other sports. Helmets play a vital role in preventing serious injury that’s why every athlete should wear a helmet during sports. But make sure the helmet should fit the players’ heads properly to also prevent damage from wear. That’s why the different styles of helmets are design especially for different types of sports so you can wear a baseball helmet for riding a bike. 

Pads Or Guards 

Any sports that require contact with other people or even if it is a sport play by the ball. Then an athlete should wear pads, guards, or straps to prevent serious injury. These things can protect your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, wrist, ankles, shins, etc. You can find different types of guards for example from hard plastic to soft padding depending on the sports requirement. Different types of pads are wear in different types of sports to protect you from getting injury. 

Mouth Guards Or Face Protection 

You hear about fracture facial bones that are common in sports like boxing, cricket, hockey, etc. Where the players are either hit by an accelerating ball or have stress fractures from the repetitive blunt force in boxing. To curb such injuries, athletes wear a helmet and use mouth guards to protect their faces.

Protective Clothing And Footwear

It is very much important to wear sports gear for playing any type of sports to prevent injury. Many people have a misconception that it has nothing to do with clothes, you can wear anything and can play. But the fact is no! you can’t just wear any shoes or clothes and play sports. Sports need proper gear and that’s why brands offer different types of sports shoes for athletes. They know shoes play a vital role in curbing serious injuries that’s why it is important to wear proper shoes for different sports. A cyclist should wear cycling shoes, a runner should wear runner shoes, and so on and so forth. The best thing is you can buy men’s and women’s clothing and footwear at a discount price by using the Pnw Components Discount Code.

Protective Eyewear

Eye protection is necessary when playing any kind of sports or even doing any physical activity. The eyes are an important feature, if it injured then it is a very risky injury. You might lose your vision if your eyes injured (touch wood). Sunglasses are specially design for such things, for example, sunglasses for skiers or snowboarders. Such as 3-mm polycarbonate lenses with an ultraviolet filter to protect the eyes from impacts and radiation. 

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