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Wpc15 (World Pit Masters Cup) and Its Upcoming Events


The Wpc15 is basically a global derby. This battleground has players participating from the whole world. The match day is consideredday considered as the biggest match day globally. This is a match of breeders and famous stag fighters. This is a competition in which chicken masters bring their roosters to fight with each other. Humans are notHumans  not involved in any kind of violence and these roosters trained over the year by their grill masters. They trained by experiencing difficult situations.

Wpc15 played in a lot of countries around the world and currently the government has banned this competition. This is mainlyThis mainly done due to criticism by certain audiences and animal violence. However, this competition is stillcompetition still conducted in some countries. Specifically, countries which do not have strict policies regarding animal violence.

How to register for this competition?

Users can easily register for this competition through Wpc15. This competition was conductedcompetition conducted in a few months. However, due to so much excitement registrations on their website are currently open. Since this is a very big and a global event, they have created a separate dashboard for signing up. The instrument panel lets the users know everything about the next match.

To sign up, users should visit the Wpc15 dashboard. They were requiredThey required to bring their own roosters. No roosters granted or sold on the match day. There are someThere some medical conditions defined for the rooster. If theIs the rooster does not lie under those conditions, users cannot take part in the event. The participant must sign up with the organization in order to take part. Any third-party sign ups allowed to take part in the competition.

Terms and Conditions for entering

The Wpc15 is a real-time event. Some training and practices offered for the roosters at the venue. Participants can still register while the game is taking place. This is to allow repeated entries. If a participant has two roosters, they can participate twice. The Wpc15’s organizations will grant the participants a set of rules to ensure the match goes smoothly. They would like to avoid any kind of mishaps or troubles. Even dealers and audiences are given a set of rules which they are bound to follow.

These rules are mostly on disciplinary concerns. This is to ensure a healthy and non-vulgar environment. There is a testThere a test which the participant is requiredparticipant required to fulfill. They must contact the organizers to conduct the test with their rooster and themselves. These matches are also accessible online to watch. Audience can access these matches on the dashboard. However, they are required to buy a ticket to view it online as well. Audience is also supposed to keep an eye on the rooster’s fighting.

How does the dashboard work?

Users can easily visit the Sabong website if they wish to sign up for Wpc15. Participants will be required to click “signal-up” and they will be redirectedthey redirected to a new website. Participants are requiredParticipants required to either sign up with their mobile number or social media profile. Social media profiles like Facebook and twitter would work on the website. The participant should enter necessary information like First Name, Last Name, etc. They should then sign up and pay the merchant. They will be redirected onto a new website where they required to pay a specific amount.

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